One Body Touchworks specializes in the One Body technique and Matrix Energetics. Sample One Body services address nerve pain relief, back pain management and chronic pain treatment.

Who benefits? Someone with:

  • Chronic Pain – neck, back, headaches…
  • Acute Injury – sprain, bruises, pulled muscles…
  • Restricted Movement – frozen shoulder, joint pain…
  • Conditions – fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue…
  • Postural/structural Imbalances – hips, feet, knees
  • Patterns – recurrent stress and tension
  • Imbalances – internal systems, organs
  • Interference – external factors
  • Beliefs – old, dysfunctional patterns.

 “This work created an invitation in my body to release tension gently, in a way that my body understands – and allows it to return to a place of comfort.” – JP, Fitness Trainer


Who are my clients? Youngsters or young-at-heart who are:

  • Seeking well-being and preventive maintenance.
  • Committed to their own healing and growth.
  • Willing to do self care between sessions.
  • Authentic, even when they feel vulnerable or unsure.

“I came in really, really tight – holding tension in hundreds of different places, and now I feel re-energized.  This work is gentle, nurturing, comfortable and safe.”  – DH, Reflexologist

  • Ready to let go limits and old patterns.
  • Open to new possibilities in body, mind, spirit.
  • Present to transform and co-create more joy and light.
  • Happy to refer like-minded clients to me.

“This work is subtle and natural; I’m very present, in the moment. There’s a gentleness to the work; it’s honoring of my body. It feels good – I feel lighter, more relaxed, longer in my body.” – MS, Writer


What’s an individual session like?

  • Each session is designed around the client’s needs and intentions.
  • Sessions are interactive, with healing conversation and feedback.
  • Clients wear loose, comfortable clothing, to allow movement with ease.
  • In-person sessions typically occur on the massage table, or seated and standing, per the client’s comfort and practitioner’s access.
  • For scheduled phone sessions, clients select a quiet place to sit and/or lie undisturbed, as the practitioner works with them long distance.

“I feel like a new person; it was like being on the massage table. Your work felt absolutely in tune with my body, mind, and spirit. The session addressed specifically what I needed to support my intention. There was no need to tell my story. You got it!” – PM, Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Contact Information

     Cell: (704) 968-2145

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Individual Services

     One Body
     Matrix Energetics
     Asheville or Charlotte office
     Distance sessions by phone

Gift Certificates
     For Individual Sessions
     For Series of Sessions
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Community Services

   - 1-2 hour overview & demo’s
   - One Body & Self Care
   - Matrix Energetics & playtools

   - One Body Self Care Exercise
           programs for groups
     - Tailormade options & rates

Ageless Grace®
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About Linda, Ed.D., LMBT

As a Bodywork Practitioner
     Honors individual client –
     In heart, body, mind, spirit

As Instructor/Presenter
     Makes learning fun, safe,
     Inspiring, comfortable

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