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One BodySM

Hands on gentle touch massage techniques to relieve pain or discomfort, restore balance, and re-educate the body are based in osteopathic concepts that govern structure, function, and innate self-correcting postures. Movement patterns, positional release, isometrics or isotonics, integration techniques, and self care exercises may be addressed in concert with the nervous system for specific areas of the body.

Reflex points may be stimulated to enhance functions of organs and endocrine systems. Body scanning and re-balancing techniques may be applied to specific internal systems. Subtle energetic movements as well as fascia work may support self-corrections within the body. All One Body techniques are applied within comfort – for both client and practitioner. Since changes occur internally at the level of the nervous system, gentle touch achieves deep results.

“This therapy is a method of helping the body learn how to heal itself.” – JE, Nurse Educator


Matrix Energetics®

Developed by Richard Bartlett, DC/ND, this powerful consciousness technology provides a universal pathway that can result in individual transformation at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Based in principles of quantum physics, “ME” helps the practitioner and client to tap into the morphic field of infinite potential, providing easy access to infinite possibilities.

“As a result of our “Matrix” work, I’m able to remain neutral – to stay out of chaos: both inside myself and in the world!” – KB, Engineer

Once the client’s statement of intention is clear, a variety of tools and resources may be employed by the practitioner with the client for that session. Examples may include a two-point connection, healing frequencies, specific modules, archetypes, sacred geometric symbols, time travel, systems scans and corrections, and many more. In my practice, I frequently combine the techniques and resources of One Body and Matrix Energetics in individual healing sessions, in alignment with the client’s specific intention, agreement, and always within personal comfort.

“Following our sessions, I was able to move forward with ease in choosing work that is in alignment with my desire for abundant time and balance – at work and at home, and to be financially supported.” – LP, Life Coach

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Ask Me About Outcomes


Re-balancing hips and legs
through positional release,

Relieving chronic headaches
through movement patterns
and re-positioning.

Freeing restricted breathing
through specific releases
and isometrics.

Releasing back pain
through hands-on therapy
and home exercises.


Time-traveling with
easeby two-pointing
GPS and destination.

Connecting self with home
while traveling.

Tripling class enrollment
by linking site, students,
and instructor.

Combining ONE BODY & MATRIX:

Releasing chronic shoulder pain
using One Body techniques
with time travel in the matrix.

Re-calibrating endocrine

with One Body balances,
and archetypes/sacred

Relieving sinus congestion
using One Body balances
and Matrix reflex corrections.

Reframing negative beliefs
Using One Body positioning
and Matrix program

Experiencing “Ageless Grace”®
- Having fun while staying fit and alert. Contact Linda about services.

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